Virtual science fairs for Arizona schools

SARSEF is committed to enabling all Arizona schools to hold science and engineering fairs even during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we are providing this free virtual platform for any school interested in holding a virtual science and engineering fair at the school level. School Fair Directors can register their schools, upload projects, and open the virtual exhibit hall for caregivers, relatives, judges, and friends to celebrate Arizona’s kid scientists and engineers!

This is a platform to hold science fairs at the school level at no cost to you. It is not affiliated with the Regional SARSEF Science and Engineering Fair.

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Arizona Virtual Science Fairs

Welcome to School Fairs! If you’re here to visit your school’s virtual science and engineering fair, you’re in the right place! Get started by selecting your school from the dropdown menu below and entering the unique school password provided by your Fair Director. The SARSEF Example School Fair does not require a password to explore.


SARSEF was formed in 1955 in an effort to increase student interest in the field of science. The mission of SARSEF is to teach Arizona’s Pre-K-12 grade students critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through inquiry-based learning and research. SARSEF accomplishes this mission through a variety of programming including SARSEF Research Fair Week, educational outreach programs with an emphasis on underrepresented populations in the sciences, teacher professional development, ACES Camp for Middle School girls, Racing the Sun, and Arizona STEM Adventure. Over 795 professionals in the community volunteer for SARSEF each year, and 145 organizations support its programs financially.

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